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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heart strings.

Obviously Valentine's Day is lame but it's such a good excuse to make ridiculously cute shit in the prettiest colour palettes EVER. This tiny heart bunting has rose and raspberry pink, gold, turquoise, mint and olive green hearts, strung together with neon pink thread. At approximately 4ft, it will romantify the crap out of even the most dank-ass basement apartment. Go on, string it up, and invite your crush over for dinner and cook that bitch some food. He/she will hardly notice that your plants are dried out and dying -  because who even has time to water them? Don't concern yourself with what they'll think about that huge pile of  four months worth of mail on the kitchen table which your crippling anxiety prevents you from opening - they will be so distracted by all these adorable little hearts hanging everywhere!
I can only get away with making stuff like this once a year so I'ma milk it. All this and more available at the Junction Flea this Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!

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