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Monday, February 4, 2013

Do you Dream of Real Love?

So last year I made some Gregory Isaacs-inspired Valentine's Day cards. This year I decided to turn Valentine's Day card-making into a tradition and came up with this: a limited number of painstakingly cut and paste mixtape cards on some Highschool sweetheart - or, if you're old like me, Junior High - nostalgia shit.
You might recognize the text - I had a crush on you since REAL LOVE - from the Notorious B.I.G.'s Dreams (Just Playin'), in which he declares his...affections?...for a number of R&B...well, bitches - Mary J. Blige in this line in particular. It's one of the few rap songs that actually makes me cringe, but all objectification and misogyny aside, that line is killer! It wasn't until I heard Mary J. Blige's Real Love that I even realized boys existed. This line totally resonates with pre-teen Knittah. Where were you in 1992? Who were you all butterfly-tummied and sweaty-palmed over when the Biggie and Blige remix came out? This card is for that person.
Japanese paper with the tiniest gold flecks on the back of the card leaves just enough room for you to write your Real Love - that one who sets your heart free -  a sweet or totally raunchy little love note. A very small number of these Biggie Smalls DREAMS Valentines will be for sale at the Junction Flea this Sunday (along with some other goodies that I'll be sharing here throughout the week) which you should totally check out:
 Lovers Rock cards will be available at the Flea, too, but you could also find those at Kid Icarus, Desmond & Beatrice, or online here.

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Kamoy Nicola said...

Great cards! You're such an inspiration :)