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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Peace out.

Oh, did I forget to mention? I'm leaving. On Monday. For five weeks. India. No big deal.

My first passport, 1985.
I will be spending the better part of the month on a farm, so things will be pretty quiet around here. Do check back once in while, though, as I will try to update whenever I venture into a city-like environment. There were a bunch of things I wanted to post before I left but unfortunately preparing for a short life outside of Canada has taken up almost all of my time. And though I've been looking forward to this trip since October, now that it's properly winter here (aside from this freakishly warm weekend) I'm a bit sad to go. I've been enjoying wintry walks along the lake, checking out the geese and swans coasting along the ice (why are they still here, anyway?). But I guess spending the next month sunbathing and sipping limeade ain't so bad either. Later!

I'm a travellin' man

Moving through places, space and time

Got a lotta things I got to do

But God willin' I'm comin' back to you.


Claudia said...

[Please excuse that I am a long-time lurker (since I saw your booth at the first City of Craft), first time commenter, haha.]

Congrats to your (I'm assuming? correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sorry!) boyfriend on his success! I'll have to tell my boyfriend (a total hip hop head) about this; I just showed him your blog the other day and he loved all the hip hop references, and he'll definitely be going to GZA, though maybe not Mos Def. idk, idk, I zone out a little when he talks about it.

Anyways, enjoy India!

Ghostface Knittah said...

Hi Claudia! Thanks so much for commenting and for the congratulations. I hope you will be accompanying your boyfriend to the GZA show; I saw him last summer for free at Dundas Square and hearing "Liquid Swords" live is quite a life-altering experience. I hope to blog from India so do check back. Keep warm!

Claudia said...

Unfortunately not! I won't be in Toronto that day, as I go to school in Guelph. It's also not really my thing; surprisingly enough, my boyfriend hasn't gotten around to converting me yet. Someday :P

M said...

happy travels. farm in india?! can't wait to hear about it. martina

snap + tumble said...

safe travels, Kalpna!

Ghostface Knittah said...

Thanks, girls!

roisin said...

oh my goodness! bring back more fancy envelopes and boxes for us!
when is the GZA show?

Cat said...

That's the most adorable passport photo I've ever seen.
Happy travels!