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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Ponyboy Necklace

Some of you might've seen this pendant on my table at City of Craft last month. It's one of the first new things I've tried in a while: hand-lettering in metal! It is one piece (i.e., nothing soldered together) sawed out by hand out of an 18 gauge brass metal plate. It is, of course, an homage to S.E.Hinton's The Outsiders. Here's a picture Becky took at the show: I read The Outsiders in grade two, at the tender age of seven. Some of you might think that's a bit young to be reading a novel about teenage rebellion, violence, class struggle, and references to Robert Frost, but that's what happens when you grow up with a sister who's eight years older than you and the only books around the house were her young adult novels (my folks didn't buy me any age-appropriate books because, much like clothing, they knew I'd outgrow them quickly, whereas any of my sister's books would be read at least twice). Also, by that time, the 1983 film adaptation was always on television and I have memories of sitting on the floor gazing at the tv with a tattered copy of the book in hand, following the dialogue with my finger running along the text. Obviously the experience has stayed with me (moreso than my encounter with Great Expectations in third grade, when I was all like, what?), and paved the way to a life of reading. Since making this necklace I've been thinking a lot about the books I read as a child, among other "formative experiences." Holy nostalgia. I hope it turns into something interesting; more literary bling, for instance. When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home. (It's still awesome).


jenny holiday said...

ohhhh...kill me now!!! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this pic!! Seriously fabulous!!!! LOVE it to bits and bits!!!!!!! If I wasn't so darn broke right now I'd be ordering something!!

Happy New year!!
xoxo Jenny Holiday

Coriander Girl said...

Love it! I too read the novel young. Sorry I didn't catch you at City of Craft, I couldn't get away from the shop! I hope you can come by soon with some bling!

roisin said...

we read it in school in grade seven, one of those Reading Modules where you dissect each chapter, and then at the end, watch the Hollywood movie. I was so in love with all those denim & leather clad boys!

Ghostface Knittah said...

I know! How was it possible to have so many heart-throbs in ONE movie? Tom Cruise! Patrick Swayze! Ralph Macchio! Matt Dillon! Emilio Estevez! Rob Lowe!C. Thomas Howell! Tom Waits! Yowza.

nanopod said...

I would like one please, in silver. ;)

krystal said...

I love your blog Kalpna! Someone wrote "Pony Boy" on the Calico chalkboard one day and Jared was all like, "Man, am I Pony Boy?! Awesome!"


brian said...

This is a great piece. My wife saw it at the love and rummage show this past weekend and loved it! Can I get in touch with you to purchase?