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Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 46: A more grey than black board.

Do you like making lists? I do. It's even more fun when you can write them on a chalkboard. So I decided to make a chalkboard because I like fun and lists.
The first thing to do was pick up some MDF. After reading about Karyn's adventures with her Twinkle Board, I made sure to buy something light enough that I could carry home and that I could simply nail into the wall - I picked up a 1/4 inch-thick 2x4. Then I ventured over to West Toronto Paint for chalkboard paint. Much to my delight, they also stock small tubs of magnetic paint, and tintable chalkboard paint - which meant I could have a Bennie Moore "Kendall Charcoal" grey magnetic board which would look way better against my Stonington Grey wall. The magnetic paint also acts as a primer for the chalkboard paint and after about four coats, it started to work!
After two coats of the grey chalkboard paint it was looking pretty good, but it still needed a little something. I had some Stonington Grey paint leftover from last Fall, so I used that to coat some cotton doilies, which I then printed onto the finished chalkboard.

And there she is!


r= said...

that looks awesome kalpna!!!

bea arhe said...

oooh, wallflowers.

Dayhomemama said...

Love it, I am gonna try one for the hall!