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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Pounds of Craft in the Stash

It's Trunk Show time again! Things are a little different this time around as some of the city's crafty finest are cleaning out their closets for the first ever Pure Rummage Sale. You might've seen these people before - you've seen their crafts, you know their style, you're gonna want what they're gettin' rid of.
Yours truly will finally be letting go of some beads I've had since I was just a wee Knittah - lots of inexpensive plastic stuff, but lots of stones, pearls, glass and wooden beads too (the ones pictured above are hand-carved and from India - hard to part with, but I've been holding onto them for over two years and still don't have any plans for them). I'll also have the last few handmade paper envelopes and gift boxes left from my last trip to Chimanlal's in Bombay - these have made an appearance at the last few Trunk Shows, but this is the last of them, I swear.
And probably some bits of fabric, a few wool pashminas and other scarves, some paint sets for kiddies, and a stack of books - good ones! So why dontcha come on over to The Workroom this Sunday (October 18, from noon to five), have a snack, chat with your crafty pals, and stock up on some supplies to get you through the winter?


Lisa PN said...

ooh, i covet the envelopes. good thing that i will be vending as well. I might just leave with more than i cam with! argh! see you on sunday!

bea arhe said...

you have no idea how upset it makes me that i keep missing these; bloody sundays.

Ghostface Knittah said...

No worries, there will be a couple Saturday ones coming up in December!