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Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 45: 4 kids + 1 rainy afternoon = Oh jeez.

This past summer, Knittah HQ was swarming with out-of-school Lil' Knittahs. And with all the rain we had, it wasn't long before yours truly ran out of ideas for keeping them entertained. So after the DVDs had been watched, the iPods shuffled, and their tired little bodies Wii'd out, Mama Knittah showed us all a game she used to play back in the day, using nothing more than a crudely drawn grid, sea shells for dice, and whatever was in the kitchen cupboard for men - we used almonds, cashews, pine nuts and pennies. It's basically like the game Sorry! except there's some math involved and you have to make it to the center of the grid and then back home again. This primitive (yet wildly amusing) game quickly became The Sh!t around here, replacing all manner of high-tech gadgetry and widgets. And then my 7-year-old niece showed me how to make paper lilies by tracing and cutting out the shape of her hand.
And then my 3-year-old cousin showed me how to draw a boy.

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