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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is your love Rocksteady?

Do you like love? And reggae? And the library? Well then! Check it out, it's the Official Gregory Isaacs-inspired Lovers Rock Library Card! Just in time for Valentine's Day! Roots reggae legend Gregory Isaacs, AKA the Cool Ruler, recorded Love is Overdue in Jamaica in 1974. While I don't care much for "romance," I find his ultra-smooth, melancholy vocals (hey, they don't call him the Lonely Lover for nothing) impossible to resist. Combined with a wee obsession with old school librarian gear - library cards and rubber stamps in particular (check out my kick-ass vintage stamp stand!) - it only made sense to bring all these passions together in time for February 14th. Each card is hand-stamped with a custom made rubber stamp. I had intended to screenprint them, but this way I can (and fully intend to) stamp these lyrics everywhere.
Simply scribble a love note onto the card, tuck it back into its little manilla pocket and give it to your library-book-borrowing-big-chune-bumpin' champion lover. A limited number of Lovers Rock Library Cards are available at TYPE Books. If your love game ain't as tight as you'd like, you should probably gwan and get one.


Kevin Reigh said...

Genius. Absolutely genius. Not a big fan of Valentine's day but this has me reconsidering my feelings. Again, genius, absolutely genius.

Ghostface Knittah said...

Thanks K-Reigh. I'm all about making people reconsider their feelings.