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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Read&Write: Sarah Selecky

This pencil is for the party.You cannot know what your story is until you write it.
We're two thirds in, pencil people! The eighth installment of the Pencil Project comes from Sarah Selecky. In addition to being published in the likes of Walrus, Geist, Event, and The New Quarterly, Sarah also teaches short story and creative writing workshops. Out of all the writers and artists that have contributed to this project, Sarah is the only one I first met through craft. After seeing my stuff at at Trunk Show or two, Sarah contacted me a couple years ago and asked me to make some tiny acorn necklaces for the flower girls at her wedding. I believe it was my first commission! It was only after the acorn deal that I started to bump into her at the bookstore. This past spring, Sarah published This Cake is for the Party, her first short story collection. And when I found out that we (i.e., TYPE) would be selling books at her launch party, I enthusiastically volunteered - both because I wanted to celebrate Sarah's big day, and because the party was at OMG Baked Goodness over on Dundas West. Books, friends and cupcakes? Sign me up!


Ariel Gordon said...

What a great idea! Can us denizens of the interweb buy a pencil or six?

Ghostface Knittah said...

Hi Ariel! Yes, pencils will be available online (most likely through my Etsy shop) after I recover from the Art Crawl - please check back next week for details!