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Friday, September 10, 2010

Read&Write: Micah Lexier

Sign on the dotted line...
Pencil #4 is designed by Toronto artist Micah Lexier. Micah is seriously into paper, cardboard boxes, numbers, and arrows. When he comes into the shop, we often fondle books together and are intrigued more by paper stock, trim size and font than what the book is even all about. One of Micah's most recent projects is an installation at the Bank of Montreal head office in Toronto, entitled I AM THE COIN, in which he's studded an entire wall with 20,000 custom-minted coins, each bearing it's own letter and spelling out a short story (called "I am the Coin") by Toronto writer Derek McCormack (who introduced me to Micah, and who you'll hear more about very soon). If you can't check out I AM THE COIN, I encourage you to read the story and watch the time-lapse installation. I'm so honoured to have Micah involved in this project, and I'm already lovin' my Micah pencil. I hope you will pick one up (or 12) and write your own poem on it. Fill in the blanks, kids!


t a n y a said...

I want one of these! If I can't make it to the QWAC can you save me one and I'll purchase it through your etsy shop?

Ghostface Knittah said...

Of course, T, I'll save one for ya!