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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Read&Write: Derek McCormack

Clever 'Corm.
Get the lead out.
I feel like everyone in the world (or at least everyone in my world) knows Derek McCormack, so it's kinda weird for me to "introduce" him here. Derek is a novelist and columnist for the National Post. He is seriously into fashion, country music and Halloween, and to call him a Minimalist would be an overstatement (see pencil above). Derek's written lots of stuff - including a collaboration with illustrator Seth called Christmas Days, and most recently the novel The Show That Smells. This past summer the Montreal theatre group Sidemart Theatrical Grocery produced a musical adaptation of his previous novel, The Haunted Hillbilly, which premiered in Toronto at Summerworks. When asked for permission to adapt his novel, Derek was thrilled and gave the company his blessing, so long as "they didn't take the gay out." And believe me, they didn't! Aside from being "among the best writers in the country" and an "evil little blessing," 'Corm also works with me at TYPE. All those gorgeous art and design books at the front of the shop? Yeah, he's responsible for all those. The man's got amazing taste and I look forward to working with him every single Saturday, where we chat all day long and listen to Morrissey and the Magnetic Fields. One Saturday we were looking at Dolly Parton's Twitter page and Derek, speaking to no one in particular and to everyone in general, threw this gem into the world: "You think you're smarter than Dolly Parton? You're not." Oh, my darling 'Corm!
Warhol/Parton, taken at the SFMOMA last month.

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