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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Read&Write: Kyle "Young Buck" Buckley

If you've ever walked into TYPE Books, chances are you've met Kyle Buckley.I want a forgetfulness based on my own thinking in transit.

And if you've met Kyle Buckley, chances are you left the shop with a copy of his first book, The Laundromat Essay tucked under your arm and with your twelve bucks tucked into our till. And if you've already read his book, then chances are he's managed to get you to read the likes of Tao Lin, Cesar Aira, and Jean-Philippe Toussaint, too, 'cuz homie handsells like a motherf*cker. He has impeccable taste and will hook you up - talk to him and never read a bad book again. He's also really into college basketball. I've been lucky to work alongside Kyle at TYPE for just over two years now, and I'm super pumped that he's part of this project. In fact, Kyle was the first person to see my pencil prototype and enthusiastically jumped on board. He's such a team player! Go read his book if you know what's good for ya, and come buy his pencil at the Art Crawl, y'all.

1 comment:

Tammy said...

I love all of these pencils, KP! We must discuss how I can buy some without attending the show, since I have to be somewhere else that day...
You are SO talented!