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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Read&Write: Elizabeth Bachinsky

It's the first day of school. Don't forget your pencils.

This borrowed pencil, I hope, will make it to the end of this poem.

Here she is, the first poemling of the Pencil Project, courtesy of Elizabeth Bachinsky. Elizabeth lives in Vancouver and has published three books of poetry - Home of Sudden Service (which I know I've referred to on this blog before), God of Missed Connections, and most recently, Curio. I've been a fan of Ms. Bachinsky for a few years now and we share some mutual friends (you'll hear all about them later). This summer, I attended the wedding of said friends and had the honour of shaking my tail in very close proximity to Liz on the dancefloor, but was still too shy to introduce myself. I resorted to creepy Facebook stalking and newly-wed name dropping to get her to contribute to this project and lucky for me, she was happy to oblige. Elizabeth's line comes from a new poem she just wrote in Montreal called "Sharpened Pencils". The timing for this collaboration couldn't be more perfect! I encourage you to check out her work if you haven't already. And in case you didn't know, she's a serious babe.

I wonder what tomorrow's pencil will bring?


Paronomaniac said...

Your talent and creativity never fails to astound me. This is a wonderful project and I will be hunting for a pencil at your Queen West show. You rock!

Amaranta said...

Where can I buy them? how can I buy them!? I Need to buy them!! Hahaha they are the most beautiful little things I have seen!!! Plus I have some girl friends that love to write and I think they could make perfect gifts.

Ghostface Knittah said...

Hi! They will be for sale on Sept. 18th and 19th at the Queen West Art Crawl (check the link on the front page). I will announce more details after the show about how to get them so keep checking back!