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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Great G-Uknit Birthday Bunny Giveaway!

Dudes! We're two today! To thank you all for reading and supporting Old Weston over the years, I'm giving away these two wee bunnies - the first Bunnushkas of Spring 2010. These young lads are wearing silk ribbon ruffled collars,
and knee patches!
All you gots to do is leave a comment on this post between today and next Sunday (the giveaway ends on the 21st) - tell me what you're looking forward to this Spring, or what you think of G-Uknit - and don't forget to include your email address. Two of you will be chosen at random and the winners will be announced a week from today (March 22). Then all you have to do is sit and wait for your new friend to hop into your life. You'll also get a $5 Old Weston gift certificate to spend on my junk at the upcoming Spring Trunk Show at The Workroom on April 18th.
* Sorry, cupcake not included. I ate it!
So what're you waiting for? Get bunnies, get bunnies! And thanks for sticking around.


roisin said...

oh my goodness! they are so damn lovely. I totally, totally hope I'm lucky enough.

I am looking forward to all the bulbs I planted in the fall, and to getting my lil' red scooter out of storage!

I like the totally rad lingo here on G-Uknit, even if I have to ask my fella what things like 'Ghostface Knittah' could possibly be referencing.

thanks, Kalpna!

samanthafrancis said...

Eeep! They are so cute! I love their big noses.

julie said...

They're so cute with their liberty patches and silk collars! Happy Blog Birthday!

This spring I'm looking forward to:


Going outside without a winter coat and boots!

Eating lunch on a patio!

besideherself said...


We are looking forward to longer, sunnier days sprinkled with ice cream cones. Trips to the island and bike rides... oh, and outdoor craft shows.

happy blog birthday! we <3 u!

Lady J said...

Oh my! The bunnies are super cute. They're like sunshine on a cloudy day! Happy B-day G-Unit.

toronto craft alert said...

oh i still think about holding that Bunnushka at city of craft. they have the best "in hand" feeling, on top of being beautiful.

re: spring, i am feeling a bit apprehensive, to be honest. i know how things speed up in spring and i don't know if i'm ready for it! but i am going to try a new "fake busy" technique where i book time off to do nothing except sit on a grassy knoll and listen to birds. or sit on a patio sipping fruli. can't wait for that bit!


jts said...

So adorable.
(I hope you had a great trip.)
I can hardly wait until I can ride my bike everyday, without having to wear so many darn layers.
And I planted a lot of bulbs last fall, so I am dying to see them come up!
Hope you are well.
See ya at the Trunk Show.

t a n y a said...

attack of the adorable!

i'm looking forward to longer days of sunlight and the arrival of Farmer's Markets!

thanks Kalpna and happy 2nd birthday to G-Uknit!

Barbara Bower said...

K, these chaps are so handsome!

This spring, I'm looking forward to being an auntie for the first time. I signed up for a sewing course and I'm going to make the baby a quilt.

A handsome bunny would go nicely with the quilt, doncha think?

br said...

oh my god, oh my god! the knee patches!!!

br said...

and happy birthday, G!!

r= said...

WHOA!!! this is amazing!!!!!
well, first off, i can't wait for spring because of all the lovely colours, wearing light sweaters instead of coats, sitting outside and leaving the windows open.

i love G-unit because i love kalpna and her awesomeness!!!

this is such an amazing giveaway, i hope i win heheheh yay

ps. happy birthday bunny!

r= said...

happy birthday G-unit!!!!! <3

stitchface said...

Yippee! Your bunnies make my heart melt so of course I have to enter! I can't wait for spring either for many reasons but a big one is I like wearing shoes without socks. Happy 2 years :D

Roxanna said...

I have been wanting one of your bunnies for AGES (ostensibly for my nephew...really, for me :)
This way, i get one for me, one for him - perfect!


zomb said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

I am looking forward to riding my bike around the city!

Knotted Nest said...

Happy 2nd birthday! I love these little bunnies!

For spring, I am most excited to carry my sewing machine out to the patio and spend the days outside stitching! said...

What lovely little bunnies, perfect for spring. I'm looking forward to spring sunshine of course!

am said...

Lovely bunnies !!!!
I need some pool time!!! some sun!!
I miss my tan!!!

Elizabeth said...

Those are the sweetest, most earnest bunnies; what a lovely talent you have!

There will be a day very soon now when I realize that my sniffles are due to hay fever and not a bitter wind chill. I am looking forward to that day very much.

Happy three-days-to-Spring ~

Carmen said...

Happy belated Ides of March *and* blog birthday!

I'm still waiting for you to set up an Etsy shop with those wonderful bunnies, but I'll temporarily settle for a giveaway;)

Spring, for me, coincides with shaking off the sewing of homey things, and the influx of sewing clothing to wear for the warmer temperatures! I also look forward to hand-sewing some things while sitting in the yard.

G-Uknit? I'm constantly charmed and really, very impressed by the wit that comes through in your posts and in your work. I try to check back frequently, I do!

Dawn said...

Love those bunnies!

Looking forward to long walks on ice-free paths.

tina said...

Happy b-day!!!

I am looking forward to all the herbs and tomatoes in the garden! and sunshine of course.

sukigirl said...

I'm pretty new to your blog, I added your blog to my reader a couple of weeks ago. I love seeing you posts about your bears and bunnies. I've seen a lot of crocheted animals but yours are very unique. Thanks for the chance at your fingers are crossed.
sukigirl74 at yahoo dot com

swati said...

Great Post! We are also planning to buy some kids bedding and would be greatful for some info regarding that.

Mar-Cee-Ah said...

Ah Spring! I love love love the little bunny guys - beribboned and patched - perfect for my grand daughter's first Easter! Bluebonnes are the BEST thing about Spring!

jessica said...

Super fantastic bunnies! Love love the patches.

This spring: can't wait to get my hands dirty in the garden!

Nick said...

Where else do cute bunnies, Dean Young, and the Wu-Tang Clan coexist? This place is a utopia. Like Cordoba in the Middle Ages.

This Spring, Sue and I are looking forward to: your bunnies.

You know how to reach us.


Nick & Sue

kristyn said...

happy birthday and happy spring!

I know several small children (who i happen to live with) that would fawn over those lovely bunnies. they would be well loved over here, that's for sure.

i am looking forward to living on wolfe island through the summer. teaching my almost 6 year old to ride a two-wheeler. planting a big garden. seeing the colour green more often. staying outside on the ferry ride to kingston. raising chicken for the first time. praying mantises.

fromaggi said...

Chance brought me to your site today. what a lovely surprise.

I hope spring brings loads of walks in the park with my son.

I love the surprise of a new blog full of amazing creations.

icitea said...

Oho~ Happy second bloggiversary! The bunnies are adorable; just in time for easter, eh?

For me... I'm looking forwards- no, I'm already looking at the cherry blossoms blooming. They're so pretty!
thanks for the giveaway!