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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week 33: Gettin' my money right

A while back I mentioned some nonsense about starting a business. Aside from registering a name (Old Weston, y'all!) and getting a PST number (which entitles one to mad discounts, at Mokuba even!), I hadn't done much else. And then I got some wacky form in the mail sayin' I gotta pay Retail Sales Tax. Well sh!t. I've been selling stuff for about two years now, and have never charged anyone PST, or even kept receipts for things I've sold. So, in order to be a legitimate bidnis woman, that's got to change. Also, if I'm required to pay taxes on stuff I sell, then surely I can write off my expenses - and lord knows there are expenses. I try not to think about how much money I spend on supplies (shoving receipts deep into my recycling bin never to be seen again), but that too must change. So, when I stumbled upon this little project from d*s, I was immediately inspired to create my own cute little filing system. Unfortunately, in my world, one airmail envelope will hold only about one month's worth of receipts so a proper, Knittah-sized file would require some reinforcement. Rummaging through my stash of office supplies (acquired back when I was a grown up, with a real grown-up job and everything) I found half a dozen brown file folders. I cut these in half (creating 2 mini folders), did some creative binding (that I didn't photograph and won't even bother describing here), and pasted envelopes onto each side of the folder, one for each kind of thing (metal, wool, paper, etc.) that I need to do my thang, and tied it all up with baker's twine wrapped around 2 paint-sample circles (one on each side of the file) that are attached with eyelets (rivets? whatever.) It's neatly housing about five months worth of receipts right now and is holding up quite nicely. I simply can't wait to do my taxes next year.


rosalyn said...

omgosh! super cute and super organized miss lady!

wholesale prices at mokuba...i'm so down

bea arhe said...

this calls for a celebration.