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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 28: Wrappin' sh!t up.

I bought a couple of Fira Chests from Ikea about five months ago (I remember because it was Halloween, and that is the best night to shop at Ikea because all the young parents who usually shop there are out trick-or-treating with their kids) and just started building one the other day.
Being too lazy to paint it (the wood is unfinished, which means there would be sanding and priming involved - no thanks!), I decided to cover it all up with some pretty gift wrap and modge podge instead. Five dollars (2 sheets of Cavallini & Co. gift wrap, on sale) and an hour later, here she is:
I was feeling pretty chuffed about my new chest until I saw this Anthropologie-inspired table/chest on Design Sponge. Holy crap! Definitely something I'd like to try. I didn't think it was possible, but Design Sponge just keeps getting better.


D-Sisive... said...

who's a hodge podge? you's a hodge podge.

Bora said...

you know they're opening anthropologie in toronto, right? two locations, one in yorkville. talia's asst. managing one, i think!

Stephanie said...

wha? i like yours way better!

rosalyn said...

great job miss!

i was actually looking at that entry from design sponge too..i like cheap and cheerful alternatives. i don't think i can afford to get that in anthropologie dollars!