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Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 20: The Envelope, Please

Another go at trying to conquer the pillar of Believer magazines threatening to crush me in my sleep. These envelopes were made (out of the June 2008 issue - "Tmesis") two Sundays ago, in the company of some lovely frengs during what may prove to be a fairly regular "craft night." As I become increasingly sensitive (ashamed?) about the amount of stuff I put into the world (an issue for many makers, it seems) this is my (pretty lame-ass) attempt at redeeming some waste. Being a sucker for packaging makes this particularly hard, as my first inclination was to spend a small fortune on gorgeous Paper Place paper to make them. Baby steps, people, baby steps. These will be used for a new little crafty endeavour, The Love Below, which (if all goes according to plan) I'll be posting about later this week.
The pages with poems look the best.

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