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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week 8: Storing nuts for the Winter

After such an exciting and emotionally exhausting weekend (see below), could you really blame me for not getting my craft on? Well, I did manage to work on a little somethin'. I got this set of watchmaker cases from Lee Valley Tools last week - cute little aluminum cases (about 33mm wide) with glass lids. To make them look a little more spectacular, I traced the lids onto decorative paper (with a vintage streetmap print), cut out the circles, and pasted them into the bottom of each case. These will serve as storage for my acorn necklaces, so that when I set up my trunk at the gazillions of shows I'll be doing this Winter, they will be nicely organized and not the pain-in-the-ass tangled mess they usually are. I picked up larger sized cases too, which I hope to use for my own personal stash of trinkets and accessories, so that each piece will have it's own little home.


patricia said...

Beeee-uuu-tiii-ful. So clever. I want one.

Please save one for when this bitch of a recession ends, ok?

Ghostface Knittah said...

Frickin' recession. Not good for the acorn biz at all.