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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Missin' the Midway.

Here's something new from Knittah HQ!
I didn't get a chance to check out the CNE this year. I try to hit it up every year but this summer when the Fair rolled into town I was hangin' out in California, soaking up over twelve hours of sunshine and rap music at the Rock the Bells tour in San Francisco (okay, I guess I shouldn't complain). It was my West Coast Wu-Tang pilgrimmage! And even though I ingested my weight in crab and corn chowder there, I'm kinda sad I missed out on all the deep-fried everything on offer at the Ex. I'm way too scared to ride the Midway rides, but I love taking pictures of them. My latest Gocco print (printed on a royal blue Moleskine) is based on a photo of the swing ride I took last year. I think the silver ink totally makes it. The print is called "The Last Night of the Fair" - because there's always something magical about that night, the bittersweet end of summer and the excitement of what the fall will bring. It's also the first line of each verse in The Smiths' "Rusholme Ruffians." Remember?
This is the last night of the fair
And the grease in the hair
Of a speedway operator
Is all a tremulous heart requires
A schoolgirl is denied
She said, "How quickly would I die
If I jumped from the top of the parachutes?"
The Last Night of the Fair Moleskines will be for sale at the Art Crawl this weekend. I hope that you'll pick one up, and fill it with the memories of all the cotton candy you ate, and who you held hands with in the ferris wheel.
So scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen.
(This means you really love me).

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