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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Unfinished Mr.Fox

Here's my new little friend. His name is Michael J. Fox. With all these bunnies running around Old Weston Road lately, I thought I'd introduce a cute threat. He's not that dangerous,though -he's got no legs and knowing me, I won't get around to finishing him anytime soon. Of course he was inspired by Wes Anderson's lovely adaptation of Fantastic Mr.Fox, one of my favourite books as a wee knittah. Just before the film was released, Rizzoli put out The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox and it has gorgeous shots and sketches of all the miniature sets, character models, and fabric swatches for all the outfits.
I've decided to start a notebook of bunny swatches.


Claudia said...

I'm so excited for this movie, doubly-so because of George Clooney. Nice knitty homage! I'd like to see leg-less Mr Fox waddle after some bunnies, har har.

Maggi said...

You need to blog more often. You're use of ghetto slang with knitting is hilarious. Kudos to your creativity.

Carmen said...

Oh, Michael J. Fox! I haven't been back to your blog in a few weeks, but seeing this and the Bunnushka post, my funny bone has been absolutely tickled. Your work is so pretty and witty!