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Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

Not only am I going to see the Pulitzer prize-winning author of my favourite book ever read at IFOA tomorrow night, I'm having lunch with him too! All these years of being a hard-working bookchimp have finally paid off. What should I wear? What should I say? I'm so excited I could throw up. For your reading pleasure I will now quote, at length, from "How to Date a Browngirl, Whitegirl, Blackgirl, or Halfie" from his 1996 short story collection Drown:
Wait for your brother and your mother to leave the apartment. You've already told them that you're feeling too sick to go to Union City fo visit that tia who likes to squeeze your nuts. (He's gotten big, she'll say.) And even though your moms knows you ain't sick you stuck to your story until finally she said, Go ahead and stay, malcriado.
Clear the government cheese from the refrigerator. If the girl's from the Terrace stack the boxes behind the milk. If she's from the Park or Society Hill hide the cheese in the cabinet above the oven, way up where she'll never see. Leave yourself a reminder to get it out before morning or your moms will kick your ass. Take down any embarrassing photos of your family in the campo, especially the one with the half-naked kids dragging a goat on a rope leash. The kids are your cousins and by now they're old enough to understand why you're doing what you're doing. Hide the pictures of yourself with an Afro...
Dinner will be tense. You are not good at talking to people you don't know. A halfie will tell you that her parents met in the Movement, will say, Back then people thought it a radical thing to do. It will sound like something her parents made her memorize. Your brother once heard that one and said, Man, that sounds like a lot of Uncle Tomming to me. Don't repeat this.
Put down your hamburger and say, It must have been hard.
She will appreciate your interest. She will tell you more. Black people, she will say, treat me real bad. That's why I don't like them. You'll wonder how she feels about Dominicans. Don't ask. Let her speak on it and when you're both finished eating walk back into the neighborhood. The skies will be magnificent. Pollutants have made Jersey sunsets one of the wonders of the world. Point it out. Touch her shoulder and say, That's nice, right?


patricia said...

I hope the brief wondrous lunch went well, and that you did not throw up on Junot's lap.

Tammy said...

Tell us how it went!?

Bora said...