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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Making bears for people making babies.

Lotsa babies gonna get born this Fall, and they's all gettin' crocheted bears from Auntie Knittah.
Back in the day, when I was just a lil' Knittah, all I ever wanted was a classic brown teddy bear. No sparkly pink thang, no funny pants or bow ties, just a plain old brown bear. Guess what I never got? One year I was close; got loaded into the Oldsmobile and whisked away to the Woolco, just to pick out the bear I wanted for Christmas. I selected carefully, choosing the most perfect brown bear there was (you know, "chocolate" brown - not "cappuccino" or "chai" or "chestnut," but the most universal, quintessential, platonic-ideal brown my eight-year-old eyes could discriminate). But no. Got the freaking fluffy white one instead. That Christmas morning, I was all like "Don't y'all know I'm gonna get jam all over this white bear in about four seconds?" Parents just don't understand. So, to all you babies that are going to find yourselves thrown into this (merciless) world (full of crappy toys) over the next few months, don't worry, I got your backs: Knittah keeps it real, no fake-ass bears.


D-Sisive... said...

enough to make a Knittah go craaaaazay!!!

Ghostface Knittah said...

Tell me about it!

Bora said...

Hahahahahahaaaa, you rock.