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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bears all day, kid. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

Yours truly spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with The Ostrich (after bribing him with a Cheddar Chutney sandwich from Cool Hand of a Girl ) at the Toronto Botanical Gardens. Now, I'm usually quite content hanging around my own 'hood, gathering acorns in High Park and such, but today was the freaking Teddy Bear Show which is totally worth a trip to Don Milli Mills. Taking into account my current teddy bear making addiction, I thought "How timely!" and simply had to check this show out. As a result I'm $60 poorer, but am now armed with 10 pairs of heartbreakingly cute German glass teddy bear eyes which are going to take my bears to a whole 'nother level (but will also turn them into a choking hazard) as well as some luxurious ultra-suede that will make for the softest bear noses ever. The Ostrich and I are quite new to the vintage and collectible teddy bear world, and I was quite delighted to see such hardcore bears, like this show-stopper here by Sue Burgan of Victorian Fantasy Teddy Bears.
The Ostrich, I'm afraid, was not quite as impressed.
But we both equally enjoyed the Garden.


Tammy said...

The gardens are gorgeous. I love it there. But I've never seen the bears...

D-Sisive... said...

i felt a connection with the ottawa senators bear. a creepy connection. it was all creepy. like a creepy dream. a creepy dream filled with teddy bears in people clothes and people in bingo clothes. clean that stain on your cat sweater.

this is what you become when you live in a cottage.

other than that it was cool.

Bora said...

The ultra-suede totally makes it worth the choking hazard! Ultra-suede is VEGAN!!!!

Ghostface Knittah said...

That's awesome. Partnered with the 100% acrylic wool, we got ourselves some vegan bears.