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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eazy-E Study Part I: Stencilz With Attitude

Hey kids, know what you can do with a photo of Eazy-E, a sheet of vellum, and a razor blade? Cut out stencils, that's what. Now, this is new territory for G-Knittah, and I couldn't pull off as much detail as I had hoped (it just doesn't scream "jericurl!" loud enough). The stencil (pictured above) will only be good for a handful of prints (pictured right), so the next step is to make a linocut of the image. The possibilities here are endless: Eazy-E printed on stationery, clothes, and hopefully very soon, completely hand-embroidered onto pillows and book bags.


Bora said...

Jeri curls are overrated. No sun protection. To wit:

Bora said...

That didn't work.

See the guy, second one down? Yeah. :)

Ghostface Knittah said...

"My life is played out like the jericurl." -Biggie.

tosca said...

ha ha ha... so G-Knitter 'tis you i see. well, i went and left this message for you an'all not realizing in the moment that it was in fact YOU. very good my dear.